Fine-grain Structural Steels

Steel Group: Fine-grain Structural Steels
round steel stapled in the campSascha Grindau, Smart Media GmbH

Fine-grain structural steel is a name for structural steels whose properties are particularly suitable for welding. They have a higher yield strength than comparable steels. Due to the negative influence of carbon on the weldability of a material, the maximum carbon content in fine-grained structural steels is less than 0.2%. These properties are achieved in steelmaking by the addition of oxygen and nitrogen-binding elements. The fine grain in the metallurgical structure is achieved by alloying elements whose nitrides and carbides only dissolve at higher temperatures. With the same composition, they are stronger and tougher than coarse-grained steels. Fine-grained structural steels are used above all in reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, in the construction of cranes, hydraulic cylinders or other welded structures due to their special welding suitability and in the offshore area. Below you 'll find steel materials which belongs to material group: "Fine-grain structural steels"

Steel Materials of group: Fine-grain structural steels