Microalloyed Steels

Steel Group: Microalloyed Steels
round steel stapled in the campSascha Grindau, Smart Media GmbH

Micro-alloyed fine-grain steels are low-carbon steels. However, the addition of small amounts of niobium, titanium or vanadium offers enormous strength potential with good formability in comparison to the soft DC steels. The low carbon content (<0.1%) also ensures good weldability of the material. Microalloys are steels to which 0.01 to 0.1 percent by mass of aluminum, niobium, vanadium and / or titanium are alloyed in order to achieve high strength, for example, through the formation of carbides and nitrides and grain refinement. As with structural steels, their short names are made up of the minimum yield point. Below you 'll find steel materials which belongs to material group: "Microalloyed steels"