Steel-Material: GX7CrNiMo12-1 (DIN/EN)

Steel-Material: GX7CrNiMo12-1
Sascha Grindau, Smart Media GmbH

The material GX7CrNiMo12-1 belongs to the material group "Rust And Acid Resistant Steels". The steel material "GX7CrNiMo12-1" has three alternative names. We also have the chemical analysis of GX7CrNiMo12-1 available for you below. Material "GX7CrNiMo12-1" is made of Carbon, Chrome, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Phosphorus, Silicon and Sulfur. In future we plan to add mechanical properties of "GX7CrNiMo12-1", complete data-sheets as well as a PDF-Overview for you to download. For now you can easyily inquire this steel-material without obligation by using our contact-form. For correct determination of the shipping costs we need your shipping address. Please keep in mind that a detailed calculation can take a few days, depending on quantity, shipping-adress as well as forms and materials. We will contact you in any case.

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Steel Material GX7CrNiMo12-1 - Chemical Analysis

Steel Material GX7CrNiMo12-1 - Alternative Names

The material GX7CrNiMo12-1 with the standard DIN/EN is also available with at least 3 alternative names, such as: DIN/EN: "GX7CrNiMo12-1", "G-X 8 CrNi 13" and BSI/AFNOR: "J 91150".

Steel Material GX7CrNiMo12-1 - Alternative Names List

DIN Norm of GX7CrNiMo12-1

The norm of steel material GX7CrNiMo12-1 is EN 10283

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