Spring Steels

Steel Group: Spring Steels
round steel stapled in the campSascha Grindau, Smart Media GmbH

Materials for the manufacture of technical springs are referred to as spring steel. A technical spring is a component that can absorb, store and then release the external force. Spring steel is also used when there are special requirements for abrasion resistance or rigidity. Spring steel is a steel that has a higher strength than other steels. Each component can be deformed up to a tension determined by the material (elastic limit) in order to then return elastically to the initial state without permanent deformation. The material property that makes this possible is the elasticity. Deformations beyond this lead to plastic deformation. The decisive factor here is the yield point ratio, i.e. the ratio of the yield strength to the tensile strength of the material, which is usually in the range> 85% for spring steels. Below you 'll find steel materials which belongs to material group: "Spring steels"

Steel Materials of group: Spring steels