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Steel Group: Weatherproof Structural Steels
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Weatherproof structural steel is a group of structural steels that form a weather-resistant cover layer (patina) through the addition of very small amounts of chromium, copper, nickel or phosphorus. Because these alloy components are so small (less than 1%), these steels differ only very little from the usual structural steels apart from their weather resistance. The chemical composition of the weatherproof steels is similar to that of structural steels, which is why they are included in EN 10025-5. The designation of the weatherproof structural steels, which because of their low contamination with undesirable elements, such as sulfur according to EN 10020, belong to the stainless steels, is used there analogously to the unalloyed structural steels. The last letter is followed by a W for weatherproof or WP for phosphorus alloyed weatherproof steels: S235J2W is consequently a weatherproof structural steel with a yield strength of 235 N / mm². In Germany, however, only steels that are not phosphorus alloyed are approved by the building authorities according to Building Regulations List A. The phosphorus-alloyed steels are in principle also suitable for welding, but special precautions should be taken with them. Weatherproof steels, also called COR-TEN steels, are mainly used in architecture, sculptures and visible steel construction.   apartəˈpärt Übersetzungen für apart AdverbHäufigkeit auseinander apart, asunder beiseite aside, apart, to one side, on one side Definitionen von apart Adverb 1 (of two or more people or things) separated by a distance; at a specified distance from each other in time or space. The lights were spaced three feet apart , just enough to cast an eerie glow over the stairs. Synonyme: away from each otherdistant from each other 2 to or on one side; at a distance from the main body. their religious commitment sets them apart Synonyme: to one sideasideseparatelyaloneby oneself/itself 3 so as to be shattered; into pieces. I was going to take her words apart piece by piece. Synonyme: to piecesto bitsupasunder Beispiele für apart A side-yard garden is a world unto itself, so consider ways of setting it apart . 29 weitere Beispiele Synonyme für apart Adjektiv isolated Adverb to piecesseparatelyto one sideaway from each otherasideasunder 11 weitere Synonyme Below you 'll find steel materials which belongs to material group: "Weatherproof structural steels"

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